How Flood Damage Can Affect Your Belongings

How Flood Damage Can Affect Your Belongings

There’s no doubt that a flood, whether it’s small or large, can do serious damage to your home.  Unfortunately, a flood can also damage your furniture and other belongings, and no amount of restoration can return them back to normal.  Some of your belongings may be able to get out of a flood in good shape, but even then it’s important to know what materials it’s made of so you can clean it properly and not worry about lingering damage or bad smells.




Metal can corrode or rust badly after exposure to dirty floodwaters.  However, stainless steel and other metals that are rust-resistant or sealed can make it through a flood okay.  It can depend on how old the metal object is and exactly what metal it’s made of.  Also, metal tubes and pipes can trap dirty floodwater inside, leading to slow leaks, further corrosion, and mold growth.  Be sure you clean metal furniture inside and out following a flood.




Wood is very vulnerable to flood damage.  When water soaks into the wood and then dries out, the wood can end up warped and weakened compared to how it looked before.  On the other hand, properly sealed wood can survive a flood, and it shouldn’t need much cleaning afterward.  The wooden frame that holds up your house isn’t sealed or waterproofed, and so one of the biggest parts of the average restoration process is removing the warped wood behind your walls and replacing it with wood that’s in better condition.




Most kinds of cloth can get completely soaked and come out fine.  You’ll need to clean your clothes to get rid of the stains, dirt, and bacteria, but if the stains aren’t permanent you’ll be able to wear them again.  However, cloth furniture may be a different story.  Floodwaters can soak into the cushions and become almost impossible to dry, at least not before mold has a chance to grow and damage the material.  Mold growth can also destroy clothing if you aren’t able to recover them in time.  That’s why restoration services need to act fast.


Stone And Ceramic


Of all the materials in your home, stone and ceramic have the best chance of getting through without a problem.  The reason sinks and toilets use ceramic is because it’s effectively waterproof and easy to clean.  However, stone and ceramic can still be damaged by debris in the water or the pressure of a major flood, so these surfaces may still need some repairs and replacements depending on how bad the flood was.


Some of your belongings are going to be total losses whether you like it or not, but if you act quickly you can save a lot of your furniture and other belongings by bringing in a professional restoration service to clean your home, restore the damage, and assess your furniture.  Renew Restoration is just such a service, so if you live in our area and your home has suffered through a major disaster, call us right away so we can get technicians to your home and get the restoration process started.

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