Fire and Smoke Damage Require Special Attention

Fire and Smoke Damage Require Special Attention

Having your property suffer from fire and smoke damage is one of the most serious problems that can befall a home or business owner. In many cases, the trauma of experiencing a fire is going to leave a lot of fear and uncertainty in its wake, but just because a fire has occurred, that does not mean that recovery isn’t possible. Sometimes a building can be restored or rehabilitated to make it safe for use again, but this requires careful professional evaluation.

Don’t Inspect Yourself

After a fire, one of the first things you should do is not inspect the building yourself. You don’t know the extent of the fire; you don’t know whether it has compromised the structural integrity of certain walls, floors, or the entire building itself. This type of post-fire inspection should always be conducted by experienced professionals who know what to look for and are wearing proper safety gear.

Only once you have been permitted by professionals on the scene should you enter a building to assess things. Even then, however, without proper training on what you are looking at, you’ll see the damage to your property, but not have a full understanding of the meaning and magnitude.

Initiate A Recovery

In the wake of a fire, it’s important for the experts to assess the extent of the damage. Once they know and you are informed, you may find that restoration of the building is possible, but only if certain steps are taken. If any part of the roof has collapsed, for example, these vulnerable areas need to be protected to prevent further exposure from the elements.

In the same way, there may be water damage incurred by the fire department in addition to fire and smoke damage. Water damage must also be addressed to ensure that extra, unwelcome hazards like mold growth don’t add to the list of tasks that need to be addressed to make a building safe again.

Salvage and Repair

Some things, such as individual items of furniture, or certain portions of a building, might be beyond recovery and require either disposing of or tearing down and rebuilding completely new. Other areas, however, may only need careful, professional cleaning to remove the stains and smell made by smoke, while other portions may require specific repair and buttressing.

All of this should be done by people who understand the consequences of smoke and fire damage, both aesthetically and structurally. For example, just because something appears on the surface to be untouched by fire, that doesn’t mean that the inner structure wasn’t warped or damaged by extreme heat. Experienced professionals, however, will be able to keep an eye out for these problem areas and help you formulate a plan for restoration and recovery if it’s possible in your circumstance.

If you have a property that you’re interested in restoring after a fire, we can help. Contact Renew Restorations, and can evaluate your building, look at the extent of the damage and tell you what needs to be done to bring it back to a safe, usable state.

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