Dehumidification Can Save You From Further Home And Health Damage

Dehumidification Can Save You From Further Home And Health Damage

Dehumidification is a moisture control process that is put into use when water damage has occurred. Any home or office that has sustained water damage can be in need of these services. Water damage can come from a variety of sources, but the important thing is to get it dried out as soon as possible. 

What Causes Water Damage? 

There are many things that can cause water damage to your basement or other area of your property. Heavy rains and storms can bring a host of problems if you have cracks in the foundation or drainage problems. Water can get in through the smallest opening, so cracks in the foundation, walls, or floors can wreak havoc on your property. 

Grading and drainage, including downspouts, are very important when it comes to helping keep your facility dry. If the grade does not direct water to runoff during storms, the water may pool around the foundation and seep in. Leaky pipes can also cause damage over time; sometimes so subtly it’s tough to spot. 

Why Dehumidify?

Dehumidification reduces the humidity levels indoors. It also removes any excess moisture that remains after the water extraction process. The sooner you work to dehumidify your home or business, the better. The longer you have excess moisture in your structure, the greater the chance that you’ll develop mold or mildew. It only takes a couple of days for mold and mildew to grow in a moist environment. 

Mold can cause a wide range of health problems in some people. Those with allergies to mold are most susceptible. Those who suffer from asthma can develop worsening of symptoms. Some of the health issues that can occur include: 

  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sneezing
  • Itching of the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Watery eyes
  • Skin infections

What Is The Dehumidification Process? 

First, your dehumidification team will walk through your building and map out all of the areas where excess moisture can be found, or could be hiding. Once all of these areas are determined, the team will hook up commercial grade fans, directed air movement, and desiccant dehumidifiers. This will prevent secondary water damage from occurring. Secondary water damage includes warping or swelling of areas such as walls, floors, and furniture. 

This equipment can also accelerate moisture evaporation by providing a direct airflow that is dry and free of humidity. In addition, this process can help prevent the growth of mold or mildew (as long as it has not already taken root) be eliminating the moisture it needs to survive and thrive. 

Get Your Home Or Business Dry And Humidity Free

Whether your property has water damage from a small leak that got out of control, or your entire building has water damage, Renew Restoration can help. Removing excess moisture can be a difficult job to do on your own. Contact us today to learn more about the process of dehumidification and how we can help you get rid of excess moisture once and for all. 

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