Better Air 3 Questions To Ask Your Home Restoration Services Provider

Better Air 3 Questions To Ask Your Home Restoration Services Provider

Some people assume that pollution only exists outside the home where there are cars and factories. Yet pollution is not only limited to the smog and smoke from outside. Particles that influence the quality of the air one breathes can amount of pollution.


If you feel that your home is currently suffering from this predicament, it may be time to hire a professional restoration service provider to do the job. Before crossing the hiring phase, however, you may want to ask them these three questions, so you know what you will expect after the procedure.


What’s Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality in the Home?


Pollutants can come from different parts of the home. Usually, when they lower the indoor air quality, you are more likely to experience eye, head, nose, and throat irritation, as well as fatigue. Worse, for homeowners who have made a polluted house their home, this can lead to long-term bigger problems down the line.


In some houses, carpet fumes are the culprit. Even newly installed carpets can release chemicals when homeowners start to use it. One can imagine how worse it can get if the house has already been through quite a bit of wear and tear.


It’s advised to keep small children off old carpets before the restoration crew arrives. Once they are there, they are supposed to guide you through the necessary details that will occur to purge your home of the pollutants, as well as the factors that contribute to low air quality.


How Do You Clear the Air at Home?


There are many ways to clear the air. Homeowners can choose easy, DIY methods, such as improving ventilation in key areas of the house. This involves the bathrooms and kitchens, where fans and exhausts are usually found. It also pays to have cooling and heating systems that work to properly complement other disinfecting methods.


You can also tap professional air cleaners, especially those who are certified to use equipment that effectively eliminates pollutants from the air. Best to determine the kind of equipment and procedure a professional home restoration service provider has.


Combine this with your own efforts such as bringing in house plants that help eliminate particles in the air. In doing so, you have a complementary action of professional cleaning and personal maintenance of indoor air quality.


Are There Any Hidden Issues at Home Causing Low Air Quality?


Many people live in old houses. Some may have inherited the home, whereas others have bought it and are looking to renovate or restore. The main issue here is that one cannot be truly sure of the events that transpired in the house before. 


When it comes to old houses, they are more likely to have issues that influence indoor air quality. For instance, old houses that have been built in the 1970s to 1980s may have used lead paint on the walls. These could immediately bring a source of pollution that you may never discover, especially if painting over is possible.


Even in newer houses, this threat is not entirely eradicated. Families with younger children may be exposed to lead dust. Growing up in a house with these kinds of pollutants can lead them to be exposed to agents that will damage important organs, including the brain and kidneys.


Need answers to these burning questions? Renew Restoration reassures that its customers will breathe in good quality air after their testing and procedures. They ensure that no dangerous gases, contaminants or particulates will be left hiding behind walls or carpets, ensuring a safer home environment for you and your family.

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