3 Ways To Make Your Home Look New After A Storm

3 Ways To Make Your Home Look New After A Storm

For some, flooding may be a less devastating incident compared to fires. However, homeowners need to understand that things will not just go back to normal the moment their furniture, carpets, and walls dry up.


Flood brings in a number of issues, including potential mold and other bacteria that can grow on your furniture, if you are not careful. Drying out items in your home will not easily cut the safety department. If you want to make it brand new without throwing out a lot of your things, here are some things that you can do, as well as the bigger items that you may need professional help with.


Do What You Can Do: Remove As Much Water As Possible


Technically, this is step one of any home restoration process, even those who do not suffer as much major damage after a storm. For some houses, the water just seeps out depending on the layout of the house. Yet there are those that will need assistance in scooping out water so that your furniture and living spaces can air out.


Cleaning experts advise that water be removed from the home efficiently using a wet/dry vacuum. If you do not have them at home, there are some cleaning services that can rent them out. This might be more efficient if it becomes harder for professional cleaning services to immediately address your needs.


What Else? Wash What You Can, Salvage What You Want


The reality of home improvement after a flood is that not all of the belongings you have can be saved. Wooden furniture may take the biggest damage, especially if they have been waterlogged for quite a while. When the chance arises, try to take them out of the flooded area and clean what you can. They may be swollen so afterward, you may need to dry them out properly.


Some fabric and wooden furniture can be washed, but make sure that you also have them checked for potential molds. This will be your biggest enemy, because even when they appear to be okay, the wear-and-tear from the incident may rear its ugly head later on.


When Do You Call Professional Cleaning?


Major aspects of the home may need professional services. For instance, carpets and floors that have been soaked in floodwater for days will need better, professional cleaning. These two kinds of furniture will be more likely to have mold growth later on. A professional cleaning service will be able to thwart such a growth, so long as they are tapped immediately after the flood occurs.


Mold and mildew growth will also be dangerous in the long run. Consider this step as outside of any DIY powers, since it already involves your household’s health. Professional cleaning can involve a lot of steps, including dehumidifying the room to remove excess moisture that may not be seen by homeowners.


They may also offer to steam the heavier fabrics in your house. See if the professional cleaning service provider you tap can also provide re-padding services for your carpet, as this can cost less than re-carpeting.


Renew Restoration offers fast response to emergencies, as they have technicians on standby 24/7. They offer certified cleaning services, which also operate with several insurance companies. If you need immediate cleaning services after a nasty flood, make sure to have Renew Restoration on top of your go-to list.

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